The “ecopo” inspired by “Tsuchi-shikkui”, one of the Japanese traditional building materials, is a kit of making a planting pot, and can be made without fire. The “Tsuchi-shikkui” is composed of soil, slaked lime, straws, bittern and so on.

The ecopo would be useful for the product design such as planting pot because of natural materials and recyclable. Additionally, it will be a good design material which can be easily handled for shaping and colouring.

Regarding the functions of the ecopo, the water drainage and absorption are much higher than a plastic pot, and the temperature of the soil in the ecopo is about 4 degree lower than a plastic pot. Therefore, the ecopo could be one of the good materials for making greening products. This method has applied for a patent in Japan (PAT.P.No: 2005-227460).

Workshops with the ecopo often take place at some primary schools or event sites. The ecopo is loved by each generation and expected as a bridge between our lab and local communities.

This project is a collaboration work with TAGAWA SANGYO Co.,Ltd..


Keitaro ITO, Kazutaka NAKAMURA(2006-2008), Noriko TAKASHIMA(2007-2009), Satoshi MATSUMOTO(2007-2009), Tomohiro HOTTA(2008-2010), Yusuke IKEDA(2008-2010)



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