Onga fishway park and surroundings  (2008-)


We have been designing an ecological fish passage at a gateway of the River Onga. The design concept is “The stage for gathering people and creatures -an interface between river and sea-”.

This project is divided into the two works: (a) a renovation of the existing fish passage to take the characteristics of a fish’s behaviour into account, (b) a construction of a new fish passage for enhancing biodiversity.

Especially, the work (b) aims to attract not only fishes but also many insects and plants. The new fish-pass will have an accessibility of people to waterfront, so the users can closely observe natural phenomena such as the tide cycle.

 We have progressed this project with local people and Japanese Ministry on Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism since the planning. After completing all of the constructions the collaboration among the three is going to continue in order to hand the relationship the users and the water area on the next generation.


Satoshi MATSUMOTO(2007-2009), Reiko YAMAMOTO(2008-2010), YaChen ZHANG(2008-2011), Yuji SHIN(2009-2011), Shun TOMII(2009-2011), Aya MINAMI(2011), Chihiro TAKAHASHI(2010-2012), Kosuke IDE(2011-2013), Kentaro FUKAMACHI(2011), Shinichiro AGENO(2012-2014) Takuya ITO(2012-2014), Yuta TANAKA(2013-2015), Ayako YAMASHITA(2013-2015), Keisuke KITAMURA(2014), Takahiro NAKAMATSU(2014-), Emi IKEJIRI(2015-), Kazunori MORIKAWA(2015), Taichi INADA(2016-), Naruki BABA(2016), Masayoshi YAMAMOTO(2016),Natuko AYUKAWA(2017),Hayato HASEGAWA(2017-)


Ongagawa river office, Yachiyo engineering Co.,LTD. CTI engineering Co.,LTD. Civil eng. & eco-tech. consultants Co.,LTD.


・research category:Arant-in-Aid for scientific research(C), Research Project Number:23601013, JSPS.

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