Utilization of Green Park(2014-)


Green Park is the largest regional Park in Kitakyushu city. In Green Park, there are many kind of area and buildings. For example, Tropical Habitats Garden: there are many kinds of plants and creatures of tropical, Rose Garden: there are about 2,000 seedlings of 1,800 varieties of roses, Lawn Field, and so on. When the holidays and events, many people come to Green Park.

This project aims to increase more people come to Green Park and protect biodiversity. As part of it, we’re considering about programs utilizing nature in the Park and a lot of spatial elements.


Keitaro ITO, Shinichiro AGENO(2014), Tomomi SUDO(2014-), Toyoaki HIRAKAWA(2014), Ayako YAMASHITA(2014-2015), Makoto YAMADA(2014-2015), Yusuke ODA(2014-), Shwe yee Lin(2014-), Emi IKEJIRI(2015-), Tatsuya YAMAMITSU(2015), taichi INADA(2016-), Tomoaki KOGA(2016-), Naruki BABA(2016), Misaki MORITA(2016), Hinako YASUDA(2016), Marylou DUFOURNET(2016),Natsuko AYUKAWA(2017),Soma YANAGITA(2017-),ZeFan Tian(2017-)


Green Park activation consortium

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