IKI-MINAMI Biotope (2002-)


A plan to construct a biotope in the centre of Iki-minami primary school, which is located at Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, kicked off in 2002. With young stars and teachers at the school, we have considered how to utilise the biotope and conduct environmental educations from the beginning.

That children play in nature is very important to learn ecological system and absorb knowledge of living. Due to urbanization, however, it is now difficult for them to experience the diversity and richness of nature.

Therefore, we designed the biotope to have multifunctional characteristics as a children’s play space in order to learn the ecological systems for themselves.

We are going to publish papers on the past decade and keep on conducting workshops to obtain more data.


Keitaro ITO, Kanako FUKUSHIMA (2003), Michiko DOI (2004-2006), Noriyoshi HIROWATARI (2004-2006), Ryoto KOGA (2005-2007), Sayaka ABE (2005), Kotomi HIRAYAMA (2006), Yoshinori NISHIDA (2006-2008), Yuno OHISHI (2006-2008), Koichiro OHMURA (2007-2009), Sanika AOYAMA (2007), Tomoya MORITA (2007-2009), Akira SAKATA (2008-2010), Reiko YAMAMOTO (2008-2010), YaChen ZHANG (2008-2011), Shun TOMII (2009-2011), Yui IMADA (2009), Yuji SHIN (2009-2011), Aya UMEKI (2010), Chihiro TAKAHASHI (2010-), Tomomi SUDO(2012-), Ryuta MIYAGUCHI (2012-), Makoto YAMADA(2013-2015), Yurie HANADA(2014-), Shwe Yee Lin(2014-), Emi IKEJIRI(2015-),Taichi INADA(2016-), Misaki MORITA(2016),Tomoaki KOGA(2016-)


IKI-MINAMI Primary School


・research category:Arant-in-Aid for scientific research(C), Research Project Number:23601013, JSPS.

・research category:Grant-in-Aid for scientific research(B), Research Project Number:19300264, JSPS.

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・research category:Grant-in-Aid for challenging Exploratory Research, Research Project Number:14658070, JSPS.

・The Sumitomo Foundation(2002)

・NTT docomo

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