KATSUYAMA Park (2011-)


KATSUYAMA Park, a landmark in Kitakyushu-City, is located at the city centre. The park with plants provides urban dwellers with a place for recreation through a whole year. There are historical buildings and the River MURASAKI near the park.

Yet, some user has a negative opinion that the park is just monoculture, and severe in summer due to a little shaded area. Moreover, because of the high groundwater level it is difficult for trees to take off.

In this project, we planned a layout of trees in order to improve the park for users in terms of the vernacular of Kitakyushu. After conducting a survey of existing trees we considered additional trees based on ecology. Next, we completed the final proposal with Kitakyushu government office as utilising a minified model and computer graphics.


Keitaro ITO, Yuji SHIN(2009-2011), Hiroyuki HIRATA(2011-), Kentaro FUKAMACHI(2011-), Aya MINAMI(2011)


Kitakyushu city

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