MEGURIZAKA-Pond (2008-)


“YOMIYA Park” in Kitakyushu-City is an important urban forest park in terms of a habitat for urban wildlife and nature experiences for youngsters.

In 2008, we did the design of renovating “MEGURIZAKA-Pond” in YOMIYA Park with the Kitakyushu government office and Tenraiji Primary School. The concept was “Memory & People -gentle restoration of the native ecosystem-”. With the renovation, we have regularly conducted workshops to let the primary school children know the urban ecosystem.

In addition, the children make a presentation about their learning from the workshops in front of local people once every year. The annual event aims to be a good opportunity to think about the relationship between human and nature for local people without any expertise.

 The renovation work finished in May 2010. Nowadays the children and local people discuss how to utilise the renovated pond.


Keitaro ITO, Toru SHINOHARA(2006-2008), Yoshinori NISHIDA(2006-2008), Satoshi MATSUMOTO(2007-2009), Tomoya MORITA(2007-2009), Reiko YAMAMOTO(2008-2010), Akira SAKATA(2008-2010), YaChen ZHANG(2008-2011), Yui IMADA(2009), Yuji SHIN(2009-2011), Shun TOMII(2009-2011), Aya UMEKI(2010), Akira NAKAMOTO(2010-), Chihiro TAKAHASHI(2010-), Takuya MATSUMOTO(2010-2011), Kosuke IDE(2011-), Kentaro FUKAMACHI(2011-), Tomomi SUDO(2012-), Yu KAWAZOE(2013-2015), Yurie HANADA(2014-), Tomoaki KOGA(2015-), Misaki MORITA(2015)


Kitakyushu city, TENRAIJI Primary School, Tobata high-school


・research category:Arant-in-Aid for scientific research(C), Research Project Number:23601013, JSPS.

・research category:Grant-in-Aid for scientific research(B), Research Project Number:19300264, JSPS.

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