Campus Forest (2008-2010)


Due to rapid urbanisation, even small forests have been regarded as sanctuary areas for the urban environment in many ways. Although the campus forest at the Meiji Gakuen Elementary School is also important, the school children could not play in the forest for ensuring their safeties.

This project aimed to activate the campus forest as an environmental learning site through workshops.

In 2009, the fifth graders (11-year-young) learned the Ecological Service by means of various experiences in the forest.

In 2010, they (12-year-young) learned how to take action in the fact that the relationship between people and nature has been becoming weak year on year. Afterward, in the forest they set name tags of the trees up, in order to hand their knowledge about trees to the next generation.


Keitaro ITO, Reiko YAMAMOTO(2008-2010), Akira SAKATA(2008-2010), Seichi HIKAZUTANI(2009-2012), Yui IMADA(2009),  Shun TOMII(2009-2011), Aya UMEKI(2010), Yuji SHIN(2009-2011), Akira NAKAMOTO(2010-2012), Chihiro TAKAHASHI(2010-2012)


Meiji Gakuen Elementary School

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