A planning for the basin landscape of River Onga(2011-)


Landscape of river is characterized by ecological and cultural interaction. In Japan, after the law for the Promotion of Restoration established in 2002,river management aims to prepare and preserve the river surroundings. We have to, therefore, note that a river with its surroundings area is regarded as a part of regional landscape and to build consensus on river management plan with comprehensively evaluating the value which it include in basin.

In this present project, we planed for landscape of River Onga considering with biodiversity and cultural landscapes with Ministry Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of River Onga.

In terms of conserving biodiversity, we considered Biotope Network. First, we built vegetation map by use of GIS and classified biotope type for building biotope map in River Onga basin. Second, we evaluated connectivity among reminded biotopes, in macro scale and meso scale, by use of graph theory and gravity model. At last we suggested a landscape planning in River Onga basin in terms of biodiversity.

In terms of restoring degraded local cultures, we considered consciousness of people who live in River Onga basin, rural customs or festivals and local historicity in River Onga basin. We, therefore, investigated the factors by bibliographic survey and hearing survey.

We, finally, overlaid the four factor’s result and suggest landscape planning for River Onga.


Keitaro ITO, Yuji SHIN(2009-2011), Shun TOMII(2009-2011), Chihiro TAKAHASHI(2010-2012), Gakiuji YOKOYAMA(2010-2012), Aya MINAMI(2011), Kosuke IDE (2011-2013), Kentaro FUKAMACHI(2011-2013),  Shinichiro AGENO(2012-2014), Takuya ITO(2012-2014), Tomomi SUDO(2012-2014), Yuta TANAKA(2013-2015), Ayako YAMASHITA(2013-2015)


Ongagawa river office

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